Celebrity Look alike Dead Ringers!

Johnny Depp would do a double take if he saw this lookalike
This "Jack Sparrow" look alike may not be Johnny Depp, but he probably doesn't need to be with those looks!
does this beauty look like Paris Hilton
We wonder if this "Paris Hilton" lookalike gets free hotel accommodations, no questions asked.
"Marlon Brando" look-a-like undoubtedly has a deal you can't refuse!

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Tiger wood impersonator
We're not quite sure how this look alike's schedule is looking lately!

Oprah Impersonator image
We wonder if this "Oprah" look alike subscribes to the real Winfrey's weight reports to stay current.

Conan O'Brien's twin separated at birth?
"Conan O'Brien" lookalike: He's so close it's scary, though Conan's always looked scary.

David Letterman young again?
It'd be great to turn this "Letterman" double loose on a party at midnight.

Jay Leno clone
This guy will spice up your party for a mere grand!
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Celebrity Doubles: The Next Best Thing to the Real Deal

They say everyone has a twin, and if you happen to resemble a celebrity — especially a hot one — you can make some big bucks in South Florida!

Roger Hughes, of A Special Event, says the look alike business is "alive and well", in spite of the economic downturn.

That's great news, so what we want to know is, "Who's the hottest celebrity lookalike?"

According to Hughes, timing has lots to do with it. "'Jack Sparrow' has been very popular. The most enduring lookalikes are Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Spiderman, Superman and various children's characters."

If money is an indicator of popularity, Politician and non-actor look alikes command some of the highest prices! The "Obama" and "Donald Trump" lookalikes get $4,000 each for appearances, as compared to the "Paris Hilton's" lookalike's $750.

"Hillary Clinton" and "Sarah Palin" doubles receive a cool $3,500 (plus airfare) for South Florida appearances.
The "Jack Nicholson" celebrity double nets a grand, and Reese Witherspoon's identical impersonator gets 2G's. The "Paula Abdul" double makes a mere $850, and an entire set of Beatles' looka likes cost $3,500!

"Our 'Paris Hilton' double turned many heads at public events here, and people were eagerly snapping photos of her on their cell phones, she was that recognizeable," said Hughes.

Some real celebrities have actually met their look alikes — with positive reactions. "Carol Channing once remarked that one "Channing look-a-like" (a female impersonator) was both 'classy and accurate' ", said Hughes, who added that celebrity doubles perform as "tributes" to actual stars.

In business 30 years, The Fort Lauderdale-based A Special Event is considered as one of the top look-a-like agencies in the country.

Permission to publish these photos in the South Floridsa Fun Times provided by "A Special Event". These images may not be used without permission.

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angelina jolie lookalike
Sometimes the lookalikes look as good — if not better — than their celeb counterparts. We'd hire this "Angelina Jolie" any day.
Joan Rivers and Elton John doubles
"Joan Rivers" and "Elton John" cost a cool $1650 each (plus air fare.)
sonny and cher look-alikes
This look alike couple keeps the beat going on.
Jack Benny double
Paul McCartney double
Someone oughta send this "Jack Benny" impersonator to one of those "bailout" hearings.
Paul McCartney could have used this guy at his recent divorce hearing.
This ain't Sarah Palin, nor is it Tina Fey. And that's not really Hillary Clinton either.
Right now it's a GOOD thing to look like Hillary and Sarah!
Robert Redford's double, left, and Captain Cartoon. The Captain always thought he bore some resemblance to the actor. What do YOU think?
Robert Redford double with Captain Cartoon

Contact: www.aspecialevent.com
Phone: 954-566-7278

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