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Kathleen B. Johnson

attorney Kathleen B. Johnson, political commentator

Was Dallas shooting a Terrorist Attack?

By Kathleen B. Johnson

(Continued from front page)

and Louisiana. That may be the case, but in addition, the Dallas shooting was radical Muslim terrorist attack.

l.  NAME:  The shooter was Micah X, self-named after Malcolm X, who was the founder of the Nation of Islam and a radical Muslim activist who advocated violence and revolution to destroy capitalism and our way of life. 

2. MOSQUE ATTENDANCE:  Micah X attended the South Dallas Muhammad Mosque, run by acolytes of Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam. Louis Farrakhan is a radical Muslim who encourages his followers to kill cops and murder white people.  In spite of his denials, Farrakhan is on tape calling for 10,000 volunteers to kill white people, saying “stalk them and kill them”. 
A lawsuit has just been filed against Farrakhan, as well as President Obama, Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Black Lives Matter for inciting their supporters to kill police officers, Jews and Caucasians.

3.  OTHER SUSPECTS:  All five suspects the police questioned – and then let go - were members of the Nation of Islam Mosque. The radical Muslims of Dallas have been very disruptive in the last few months.  In March and April, Muslim and anti-Muslim armed forces had showdowns in Dallas, and cops were called to restore order.

4.  MUSLIM AFFILIATIONS:  Micah X posted the fist of the Black Power Political Organization on his Facebook page, and this organization is taking credit for the attack.  He attended New Black Panther meetings and had affiliations with the African American Defense League, Pan African and Black Lives Matter.  All of these organizations were founded by radical Muslims and base spiritual guidance on radical Muslim teachings.

5.  ISIS and Al QAEDA CONNECTIONS:  In January, AL-Qaeda released a video to recruit Black Americans to be terrorist Jihadists, using the same messaging as is now being used by Black Lives Matter and other Black organizations. Since the attack, both Isis and Al Qaeda have praised the massacre in private forum messages, urging Black Americans to carry out more violence.

6.  ARSENAL OF MILITARY HARDWARE:  Micah X had very sophisticated military equipment at his home, enough to blow up the city of Dallas and North Texas area, according to Dallas Police Chief, David Brown.  It is highly unlikely this 25 year-old could have afforded this arsenal without the support of well-funded radical groups. 

7.  BLOOD WRITING:   When Micah X was cornered after the killings, he wrote in blood the letters RB and died before he finished his writing.  RBG is color code for Islamic Green. Green is the traditional color of Islam, Micah X’s religion.  RBG could also stand for the Pan-African flag, which is posted on his Facebook page and is a powerful Black Power symbol.  Micah X was likely making a political statement prior to his death.  This was not the work of a demented, crazy or delusional individual, as the left-wing media would have you believe.

8.  MUSLIM IDEOLOGY:  Micah X embraced certain tenets of Sharia law that are unlawful in America. His actions indicate that he believed in the degradation of women.  Radical Muslims believe women belong to men and are inferior to men.   

While in the US Army Reserves in Afghanistan, Micah X was charged with sexual harassment against a higher-ranked female officer for ‘unwanted sexual advances’. 

Panty stealing was part of the charge.  Micah X was not offered counseling, which was very unusual, but was shipped back to the United States, with a recommendation of ‘other than an honorable discharge’, the most severe administrative punishment available.  Before he left Afghanistan, a protective order was issued for the female officer and her family in both the workplace and her home.   

When Micah X returned to the United States to stand trial for the charges against him, mysteriously, the charges were dropped and Micah X received an Honorable Discharge.  Was this the result of an individual with an ideological agenda?

Micah X committed a terrorist attack, and it needs to be identified as such.  Censorship and suppression of free speech regarding the nature of our enemy makes it impossible to fight the enemy we do not recognize.  Militant Muslims want to destroy America.

If they can destroy the police, they destroy the main line of defense we have that protects our civilization from chaos and ruin. 



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