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South Florida Artists & Writers' Market

Gypsy the Christmas Cat book written by South Florida author Author Laura Guttridge
Here's a great stocking stuffer for kids -- even if Christmas is a few months away!
South Florida author Laura Guttridge recently released this colorful fu
n book for young and old alike! "Gypsy The Christmas Cat," by Laura Guttrige.
Order it online.

Fort Lauderdale artist Elaine Kahn is one of 31 accomplished artists from around the country featured in Sue St. John’s “A Walk into Abstracts” 3rd Volume that is published electronically. Artists show their techniques and working processes in more than 50 paintings in the ebook. See the book and how to order it!


In her new DVD, South Florida award-winning artist Carol Ann Sherman shares with you the necessary information to master the application of watercolor on Yupo.
You'll learn how to use the initial underpainting to create a synergy throughout your work. You will also become familiar with methods of paint application.
This method allows you to paint light to dark or dark to light as you please. It can be a fresh and forgiving new way to paint with watercolors. Add some fun to your paintings -- Order Carol Ann's DVD Today!

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Great Books Written by South Florida's Finest Published & Self-Published Authors

Here are some fascinating stories by South Florida's own authors. If you live in the South Florida area and are marketing a self-published or published book of your own, we'll be happy to post it here free (See details right column.)
Authors: PLEASE SHARE THIS PAGE OFTEN to achieve the best results. Remember, when everyone else shares this page, they'll be sharing YOUR book too!


Essenceof an Angel - Revised (book cover)
Wow! This book has it all! An inspirational and moving true story of love and courage through the battle of a lifetime.You will get a glimpse of heaven and the gentle brush of the angels wings as you follow this couple through a journey to the other side.
"The Essence of an Angel; Revised"
By Dianna Varga
Order from Amazon

Perfect book for moms, grandmoms and little girls ages 2 and up, it's a great baby shower gift too!Originally crafted as a baby shower gift, the oh-so-cute 'Lil Lilly charms everyone who reads her paperback, with 28 fun-to-read puns and full page color illustrations.You'll fall in love with this little angel.
"What A Babe!"
By Kathy Johnson
Illustrated by Captain Cartoon
Order from Amazon

Dick Kulpa Star Trek comic strips reprinted in STAR TREK: The Newspaper Comics - Volume 2
South Florida caricature artist Captain Cartoon illustrated five months of Star Trek newspaper comic strips back in 1983, and at long last, they're officially published and acknowledged as part of the Star Trek universe! Incredible hardcover book is a must-have for serious trekkies.
The Newspaper Comics"
Volume 2
Order from Amazon

Rose and Rita in Prairie Park Zoo book
Two Marmoset monkeys search for their relatives in a midwest zoo. Meet Shirley Sheep, Glenny Goose, Gregory Gorilla and more, zoo animals who lend them a helping hand. For kids from 5-95 years old! "Rose and Rita in Prairie Park Zoo,"
by Zelda Becht.
Order from Amazon.

Book cover: Lucy's Red Shoes by Dianna Varga
A delightful tale of Lucy and her wild obsession with a dazzling pair of Red Shoes. Add a magical visit from the Tooth fairy, and you have a wonderful and colorful rhyming book that all ages will be sure to enjoy.
Lucy's Red Shoes
by Dianna Varga
Order from Amazon
The Essays and Wit of W.E. Brower Jr. Book
The Essays and Wit of W.E. Brower Jr.
A collection of essays about random events with author William Brower's crazed attempt at writing comedy mixed in as well.
Order From Amazon
Chronicles of the Dragons Bane Volume 2 book
Chronicles of the Dragons Bane Volume 2

The Dark War has fallen on the realm of Mysidia and a crazed deity spreads carnage while a weary hero fights to maintain sanity
Order From Amazon
Rose and Rita's Journey bookTwo young Marmoset monkeys escape from the Amazon rain forest as a fire guts their homes. Coming to America hidden in a suitcase, they wind up at a zoo where a bizarre encounter ensues!
"Rose and Rita's Journey,"
by Zelda Becht.
Order from Amazon.
Violet and the Missing Puppy Book
When her friends lose their puppy after only one week, eleven-year-old Violet thinks they are irresponsible. But as time goes by, she realizes the puppy is in real trouble. Can she put aside her feelings and help find Snowball before time runs out? Fun for girls 6-12
"Violet and the Missing Puppy" by R.A.P. Smolen
Order from Amazon.
Violet and the Missing Laptop Book
When her little sister's special laptop goes missing, ten-year-old Violet becomes obsessed with finding the thief. She puts her classmates on super-secret watch and spies on them after school. But as her list of suspects dwindles, Violet becomes desperate. Will her wild accusations cost her a friend? Fun for girls 6-12
"Violet and the Missing Laptop" by R.A.P. Smolen
Order from Amazon.
Billionaires and Butterfly Ballots Book by David Willson
What happens when you pack thousands of millionaires and billionaires, and their commensurate egos, on a tiny island? David Willson is the first and only editorial cartoonist for the 
Palm Beach Daily News
, and you won’t believe the zaniness in his new book Billionaires and Butterfly Ballots, A 20-Year Palm Beach ‘Cartoonspective.’
"Billionaires and Butterfly Ballots"
Written & drawn By David Willson
Order here.
Fox Monroe discovers he can read minds at the age of six, when he hears the whispers no one else detects. Raised by his two fathers in New York City, and as an adult searching the country plagued by problems, he finds he must control his ability — and himself.
"Whispers In the Night"
by Molly Tabachnikov
Order From Amazon.
Lilith Rising book
The roar of a hundred Harleys electrifies fifteen-year-old Lilly, who's run away from home in search of adventure. She happily catches the eye of the leader of the toughest motorcycle gang in Chicago, but doesn’t realize he'd just finished serving time in prison. "Lilith Rising 1969,"
by Roberta Kagan.
Order from Amazon.
The Amazing Wolf Boy Book
Cody Forester plans to become a doctor. Instead, he becomes a werewolf. The first time Cody shows fang and fur, his parents ship him off to podunkville to live with his black sheep uncle. The whole town hates him. Except Brittany. THAT'S when the fun really starts. This paranormal romance is for young adults and older.
"The Amazing Wolf Boy"
by Roxanne Smolen
Order from Amazon.
Touched By the Titanic book
Touched By the Titanic
On April 15, 1912 the R.M.S. Titanic slipped below the waters of the Atlantic becoming one of the greatest maritime disasters of the 20th century. 68 years later, a young boy would learn about the lost liner while spending the day with his grandfather. This is the story of that day and the collection of memorabilia which would be amassed over the years, the unbreakable bond between a grandfather and grandson joined together by the interest in the unsinkable ship.
Order from Amazon
The Heart of a Gypsy Book
If you liked “Inglorious Bastards,” "Pulp Fiction,”or “Django Unchained,” You’ll love “The Heart Of A Gypsy!”
Bands of freedom fighters roamed Eastern Europe during the Nazi occupation waging their own private war against Hitler’s tyranny. Among them were groups of Romany people (gypsies).
"The Heart of a Gypsy," by Roberta Kagan.
 Order from Amazon.
All My Love Dietrich bookTrue love is difficult to come by.
What would you sacrifice for love . . . your home? Your material possessions? Your family? Your life?

A young man's adventure in pre-WW2 Germany.
“All My Love, Detrick”
by Roberta Kagan.
Order from Amazon.
FOOLS book written by Joesph Mackey
Fools abound in our society and you could be their next victim! We all know that one moron who makes life miserable for all of us. It could be your boss, a coworker, or that friend of yours who cuts across four lanes of traffic to make a left turn.
by Joseph Mackey
Order Book
Starlette Universe Book 1 CAT-Astrophe
Bursting with color, wordplay and catchy rhymes, this wholesome book introduces readers to six teen girls united by friendship, fashion, boys and more. They encounter jealous teen queen nemesis, Eva the Evil, and that's when the fun really starts.
By Kathy Johnson
Cover by Captain Cartoon
Order from Amazon.
Is Michael Jackson alive? Find out in this blockbuster new book
Nagging rumors claiming Michael Jackson faked his death abound. After reading this blockbuster,YOU be the judge.
"Michael Jackson LIES that Rocked the World!"
By Derek Clontz
Illustrated by Dick Kulpa
Order Kindle version from Amazon - just $2.99
Picnic in Eden book by Martha Moffett
Molly Graves is trying to hold on to her only asset -- the apartment she has lived in all her life. She can't sell it because she doesn't own it.
Her handsome, footloose husband Fielding lost their money day-trading and disappeared, but his friend introduces her to a smooth art dealer who makes her an offer she can't refuse: He'll pay her a large sum to hang paintings on her walls and show them discreetly to private clients. With these elements in place --betrayal, real estate, "masterpieces," strangers in her home and perhaps more betrayal to come, Molly must find her own way forward.
"Picnic in Eden"
by Martha Moffett
Fruit of the Rock Book
Guidelines for living a meaningful life. The address for my page is www.lifevisions4u.co.
e-mail address gchip22@aol.com
“Fruit of the Rock”
Noel Grace, Author.
Cover of Bob Lind's book illustrated by Dick Kulpa
From acclaimed singer/songwriter Bob Lind (Elusive Butterfly of Love), a powerful novel of an artist's struggle to survive.
(Hint: It's a bit autobiographical!)
Cover illustration by Dick Kulpa
here to order book.


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