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author Kathy Johnson
Punster Kathy Johnson

caution{ this article contains puns

Fun Times: Kathy, just what is the "Starlette Universe?"

It's a virtual reality - one of a kind -
Where young girls star and learn to shine.

FT: The Starlettes have been around awhile. Where did they first appear?

Kathy: The Starlettes debuted and were first seen -
For seven years in Pageantry Magazine.

FT:   Aside from the fact that all these girls are gorgeous, what makes the Starlette Universe so appealing?

Kathy: It's got 'character'  -
girl 'POW'er -
the 'WOW' factor -
And GOOD is always the victor.

FT: How in the world do you think up all these astoundingly clever puns?

Kathy: Puns - 
are fun -
The fact is -
Puns take practice. 

FT: Given your tremendous track record as an attorney, pageant judge, mother of a major pageant winner, why take on yet another challenge?

Kathy: I want the teen and 'tween female -
to turn out well -
To be their best -
and know they're blessed!

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Kathy Johnson Interview continued from left column

"Punkin" is a schnauzer with attitude in the Starlette Universe. Her speech via yellow signs is reminiscent of Richard Outcalt's "Yellow Kid."

FT: Who are your favorite writers?  Who influences you?

Kathy: I love Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland -
     And Dr. Suess' Sam I Am.

FT: What are your plans for the Starlette Universe and Lil' Lilly?
Kathy: I pray, hope and desire -
That my books will  inspire -
That Starlette Universe will catch fire -
And be an 'American Girl Doll' empire!

FT: Of all the characters in your books, which one do you identify with personally the most?

  Kathy:  I identify with Skylar -
by far. 
Since she was my first prototype -
she gets my hype.

FT: Who is your favorite character?

 Kathy: Lil' Lilly!
She's so sweet and frilly.

Liul Lilly's book What A Babe ny Kathy Johnson
Lil' Lilly is featured in her own books

FT: There are six beautiful girls - Charlies' Angels only had three - and look how successful they were.  Anticipating the inevitable TV show deal, which actress do you think would make the best 'Evil Eva'?

   Kathy: Madison Burmeister.  She plays the character just right -
In the Halloween video on my web site!
Also Miley Cyrus – would be a huge plus!
She’s not just talented and intense –
but could capture
Eva’s essense!

FT: Having just won two major awards and getting a bunch of five-star reviews, do you have any advice for beginning authors?

Kathy: Never stop doing what you love -
But do it for God above.

FT: What is the underlying theme of Starlette Universe?

Kathy: Good will always win -
   Against sin -
   In . . .

See Kathy's Starlette Universe website and check out her books here

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EXCLUSIVE Interview With Award-Winning South Florida Author & Punster Kathy Johnson

Starlette Universe Creator Speaks Out!
©2014 South Florida Fun Times

BOCA RATON, FL — On the heels of South Florida author-punster Kathy Johnson's stunning twin victories at the 2014 Mom's Choice Awards, The Fun Times scored a victory of its own by landing the first post-award interview with this female version of Dr. Seuss.

Not only is she a successful author, Kathy's a prominent attorney, part time beauty pageant judge and mother to a national beauty pageant winner.
Published by the award-winning Headline Books, recognized as America's top independent publisher at the national BEA (Book Expo America) in 2014, Kathy Johnson's Starlette Universe Book 2: Eva From E-Ville debuts a brand new genre in storytelling: Piction.

Text is combined with illustrations in this colorfully-fluid format, developed by Kathy with assistance from veteran tabloid art director Dick Kulpa, CRACKED Magazine Publisher and thrice-syndicated comic strip artist (Bruce Lee, Star Trek and Ghost Story Club.)
Illustrations are credited to Captain Cartoon, South Florida caricature artist.

Headline Books President Cathy Teets had nothing but praise for Kathy and her Starlettes: "'Starlette Universe: Eva From E-Ville' is one of the most unique books I've ever published. The recent Mom's Choice Award for Ages 9 to 12 in the Inspirational / Motivational category is well deserved. (Captain Cartoon's) dynamic graphics and author Kathy Johnson's quick wit go together to entertain and educate the reader. The book was released in New York at Book Expo America and was very well received. Graphic novels are very popular and Mrs. Johnson hits the target for the teen set with this new book." Our exclusive interview with Kathy can be found on the left and right hand columns of this page, and excerpted pages from the Starlette Universe "Piction" book are shown below.


Starlette Universe Birds and Bees cartoon illustration
Kathy's Starlettes discuss the "birds and the bees" in their own inimitable way!

The Starlette girls engage a snake — their nemesis Evil Eva in shape-shifted disguise. These panels intertwine with colorful pun-laden text as "piction" in the Starlette Universe Book 2 series.

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