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There's Some History Behind the Captain's Rosalitas' Caricatures

Not 'just a caricaturist,' Captain Cartoon is a real comic strip artist, and drew three different comic strips appearing on newspaper comics pages around the world!

In 1983 he drew Bruce Lee and Star Trek for the LA Times Syndicate, and from 1995-1998 he illustrated the daily Ghost Story Club comic strip for (Chicago) Tribune Media Services. You can see the Ghost Story Club comics here!

The Captain's works have also appeared in national humor/satire comics magazines and newspapers!

So when you get a "Captain Cartoon Caricature," you're getting a real piece of artwork. The Captain used to receive $50-$100 each for cartoons like these during his newspaper days -- but YOU get them free at Rosalitas every Tuesday evening!

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Yes, Captain Cartoon does birthday parties! He also appears at fundraisers, promotional events, weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, holiday parties, you name it! He can draw in a variety of styles, from funny to serious, with as many people you want packed onto a single page!

Restaurant Entertainer Appearances

Bobby the Balloon Guy
Bobby the Balloon Guy appears at Restaurants throughout South Florida

South Florida Magician The Amazing Tomaso
Magician The Amazing Tomaso appears Wednesday eves at Duffy's

Captain Cartoon Promo Photo
Caricature artist Captain Cartoon appears at Duffy's, Rosalita's and the Sailfish Marina

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Read Captain Cartoon's Ghost Story Club Comic Strip

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Captain Cartoon takes a quick digital photo of each caricature he draws at Rosalita's Tex-Mex Grill every Tuesday eve. Folks can now download instant copies of their own caricatures for printing, social network posting, and just about anything else! The Captain appears there every Tuesday eve from 5:30-'til everyone's drawn!

Click on each caricature for a larger, printable version. Right click on the large image, then save to your computer .
If you'd like to make greeting cards out of your caricatures, visit Captain Cartoon's Treasure Chest

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football boy three mermaids harmony family three fairies ballet dancers boy on space shuttle
three kids drawn at rosalitas ywo rosalitas customers carrie and casey caricature eliot, lilly and cassie kelly, nicholas and ryan kiera and Jake
lauren skating Booy as gangster clay basketball Jace and Braden noah book cheerleader caricature
tianna peace sign clay football two mermaids football girl surfer boy cartoon biker princess
Kit playing soccer caricature Lilly sketched gardening Serenity as a super hero Derya caricature Austyn and Melanie in rosalitas sketch
abby caricature Clay and Savannah caricature caricature catgirl caricature ashlyn caricature
Lillian and Taylor india caricature Hannah and hailey Corey and Brianna Kessina and Kembra Valentina and Savanna
football caricature andrew and kayla caricature gabe caricature Choe drawn as singer grace caricature jack caricature
anne caricature fishing caricature esther caricature lexis caricature fishing caricature davis caricature
maddy caricature kayla caricature keartu caricature jacob caricature jasmine caricature kate caricature
jessica sara caricature jessi caricature jack emma caricature krystina caricature nic corinne caricature teresa caricature
jace caricature skateboard caricature teddy bear caricature greyson caricature rebecca caricatrure sadie caricature
sarah caricature luke caricature patrick caricature macy caricature olivia caricature gregory caricature
tommy caricature katie caricature rosalitas finest jamie caricature Kayla ballet waitress caricature
ranel caricature Joseph drawn on the beach four people on one page dozzy caricature sebatian caricature veronica caricature
nick krytal caricature Mermaid Brianna tsylor-dillon-caricature Anthony and a monkey emma caricature elizabeth madison caricature

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